Google Outage Impacts Search, Maps

Although it didn’t even exist until 1998, the first place many of us go to look for any and all information today is typically Google Search. But on Monday night those who went to the search engine were left hanging. Google Search experienced an interruption of service on August 8. For a short time, users […]

Quick Study: Humanizing and Dehumanizing the Digital Experience

Maybe you can relate to this. My dog senses when I’m dealing with a poorly designed chatbot or automated phone system. Even before the four-letter words come out, she senses my frustration and strolls out to the next room. For all the good will engendered by a great digital experience, a bad customer or employee […]

Hiring with AI: Get It Right from the Start

Even with signs of a recession, hiring continues to be a top priority and challenge for several industries, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation. There are approximately 11.4 million unfilled jobs in the US, according to recent reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the current ratio of one qualified talent professional for […]

Look to Vietnam for Digital Transformation and Outsourcing

(Sponsored Article) Outsourcing unlocked incredible value for leading enterprises and lifted the economic fortunes of China, India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Now it’s Vietnam’s turn. This vibrant country has everything it needs to become a new leader on the global outsourcing and digital transformation stage. Here’s how Vietnam and FPT Software, a $2B global […]

Broadcom: Planning for the Future with VMware

(Sponsored Article) Since Broadcom announced its agreement to acquire VMware in late May, I have heard that question frequently from the many customers and partners with whom I’ve spoken. While it seems like a simple question, it is an important one. And so, as president and CEO of Broadcom, I want to share more broadly […]

Can Data Collection Persist Amid Post-Roe Privacy Questions?

Gathering customer data from devices, web traffic, and apps has long been central to operational strategies at startups and enterprises alike. Can and should those data strategies continue after the dismantling of Roe v. Wade? In the weeks since the US Supreme Court upended nearly 50 years of legal precedent, questions continue to be asked […]

Two Minutes With ServiceNow VP; Great Expectations Co-Founder

The latest sessions of the Two-Minute Toolkit podcast offer perspectives on a way to compensate for shortages in professional developers and the impact broken apps can have on data quality. Marcus Torres, vice president and general manager of App Engine with ServiceNow, speaks about alleviating some of the pressure caused by the limited availability of […]

July 2022 Global Tech Policy Bulletin: From Biden’s Chip Victory to Data Privacy Post-Roe

Welcome to the July 2022 Citizen Tech, InformationWeek’s monthly policy bulletin. This month we are looking at the triumph of Biden’s semiconductor bill, long held up in the Senate; discussions at the SEC over crypto tokens and securities law; Russia’s one-sided information war; interesting results from a census of European digital business; data privacy for […]

Two-Minute Teaser: IWeek Rundown from Aug 1 through Aug 8

For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered up a series of stories that dove into cloud outages, which included Lessons Learned, written by Sal Salamone, managing editor of Network Computing. Sal recapped the major outages from recent months and explored what caused them in the first place. This includes CloudFlare in June, Microsoft Azure […]

15 Years of Cloud Outages: A Stroll Through the InformationWeek Archives

The cloud is growing, but cloud outages are nothing new. And neither are we. InformationWeek was first founded in 1985 and our online archives go back to 1998. Here are just a few lowlights from the cloud’s worst moments, dug up from our archives.  Apr. 17, 2007 / In Web 2.0 Keynote, Jeff Bezos Touts Amazon’s On-Demand […]