3 Critical IT Elements Every CIO and IT Director Must Address for Success

Much has been written about the impacts of the pandemic on the world of business, especially the challenges associated with remote work and now the return to work and the hybrid workplace. Beyond workplace issues, perhaps the single greatest impact was how the pandemic sparked a flood of digital transformation initiatives, and that added incredible complexity to technology infrastructures at many companies, testing the limits of IT organizations to successfully implement and support this new way of doing business.

After the initial euphoria of success felt by IT teams during the pandemic, reality sank in. With nearly every company now a digital business, IT systems no longer have to simply run. They suddenly are the livelihood of the company. When you are a digital business, if IT doesn’t perform, the business simply stops running.

Certainly, CIOs are used to losing sleep over operational challenges. I come from the industrial world, where operations are front and center, and keeping the business up and running is part of company culture – no matter what. Now, for digital businesses, that cultural mantra is the new reality for IT. Increasingly, boards of directors and CEOs are starting to ask tough questions of their CIOs: Is your team up to the challenge of digital business? How prepared are you to deal with the unexpected? Can the business count on IT to deliver?

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