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The Right System Architecture Will Reduce Software Failures

Microservice architecture is the building block most often used when creating software applications, breaking programs into smaller modules, each focusing on a different function of the application being constructed. It features loosely connected software components that are designed to be independent, automatically deployable, and cohesive. Microservice architecture can be easier to manage, although the high […]

Are Channel Partners a Bottleneck?

Enterprise technology vendors traditionally have relied on channel partners to sell, procure, and implement solutions. However, now that we live in a virtualized and software-defined world, these same vendors are struggling to compete with smaller competitors who opt to forgo partners and instead sell direct. This is especially true when it comes to small and […]

Automation Gains a Foothold, But How to Scale It Is the Challenge

Many organizations aspire to automation levels that rival the likes of Amazon, where processes flow seamlessly between people, systems, and devices. A recent Gartner report found businesses are evolving their use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their automation strategies, with one third of organizations surveyed applying AI across several business units. If they’re […]

Chip Shortage Update

The global chip shortage is continuing to hamper enterprises worldwide, ranging from vehicle manufacturers to mobile phone makers, as well as other consumer, business, and industrial producers. Detrimental climate conditions are now contributing to a struggling supply chain that has already weathered its share of pandemics, military actions, and economic turmoil. The global chip shortage […]