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Payment Trends to Watch in 2023

If 2021 was focused on growth and scale, and 2022 saw cost-cutting and survival as key objectives, then 2023 is a year to aim for stability. A challenging macroeconomic climate is forcing payment issuers and acquirers to prioritize revenue growth and operating efficiency, seen as the top priority by 25% and 24% respectively of respondents. […]

Why Your Organization Needs Rule-Based Access Control

Role-based access control allows network managers to personalize a user’s access level based on the individual’s role within the organization. Rule-based systems, on the other hand, grant access to individuals complying with a specific set of conditions. By establishing a pre-defined rule-based access control setting, an administrator might, for example, grant a person or team […]

CIOs Shift Out of Reactionary Mode

After three years of pandemic pressures and the resulting shifts in established business operating procedures, CIOs are looking to shift out of reactionary mode and become a more strategic partner in the business. This means engaging with the business earlier in their business decision-making cycle about how technology can help them, partnering closely with the […]

APIs, Automation, and Activism: 3 Trends to Watch in Retail Banking in 2023

Good IT investment decisions are heavily dependent on the ability of the business to forecast what the short, medium, and long-term market environment will hold, so as to map investments to objectives and outcomes accordingly. At the start of 2023, accurately forecasting business, financial and political landscapes has never been more challenging. According to Omdia’s IT […]