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5 Reasons Why SMBs Should be America’s Cloud Role Models

The pandemic accelerated the digitalization of day-to-day business operations, ushering in a new era of tech-dependence, particularly around cloud migration. Now, companies of all sizes are racing to update their infrastructure, data, and critical applications to the cloud. With spending on public cloud services projected to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023, taking advantage of […]

How to Measure Automation Success for the Enterprise

Automation has become widely recognized for saving employees time and effort by carrying out high volume, repetitive and typically error-prone tasks. By utilizing robotic process automation (RPA), enterprises can more easily manage their manual, time-intensive tasks while also boosting accuracy, timeliness, and compliance. RPA also has been leveraged for cost avoidance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Employee Experiences

As post-pandemic uncertainty in supply chains, talent shortages, climate crises, and inflation persist, it’s clear that organizations need to focus on strategies that strengthen productivity and resiliency. Immersive employee experiences (EX) can help by optimizing processes from hiring and training to production and field service. Immersive EX can also meet job candidates’ rising expectations for […]