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What Does a New, $45M Cyber Catastrophe Bond Mean for the Cyber Insurance Industry?

In January, specialist insurer Beazley announced the launch of a $45 million cyber catastrophe bond, the first insurance-linked securities (ILS) instrument established in the cyber insurance market. Catastrophe (CAT) bonds allow insurance companies to transfer risk to investors. These bonds pay out to insurance companies if a specific, predetermined event occurs. CAT bonds are traditionally […]

Royal Mail Posts Progress on Deliveries Following Cyber Incident Disruption

On January 11, Royal Mail announced that a “cyber incident” sparked significant disruption to its international exports. The British postal service asked its customers to refrain from mailing any international items while it worked through the incident. On January 19, the company released a service update with the news that it “started moving limited volumes […]

Turning Points in AI and ML

AI and ML are well-established as technologies that work, but still in their early days as technologies that get work done. Somewhere between curiosities and everyday workhorses, they’re evolving quickly, and the focus today is on applying them in ways that generate measurable business value. This is where “what if?” meets “what’s next.” As with […]

How Enabling Change Management Can Accelerate Process Automation

Organizations are introducing unprecedented levels of initiatives to deliver sustained business value to their customers. Process automation is one such initiative that focuses on transforming customer-facing and functional support processes such as human resources, finance, and IT to drive overall efficiency and effectiveness. The topic of process automation has been in the market for a […]