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Take Data Privacy and Transparency From Buzzwords to Action

In the information age, it has become more common for businesses to collect, analyze and, sometimes, share customer datato fuel actionable insights and drive business growth. Meanwhile, informed and cautious customers now demand transparency on where their information goes and exactly how it’s used. In a recent Cisco survey, consumers said data transparency was the […]

How Organizations Should Respond to the CircleCI Security Incident

Continuous integration (CI)/continuous development (CD) platform CircleCI released a security alert on January 4, recommending its customers rotate all secrets and keys stored with the company. It also warned customers to watch for unauthorized access to their systems from December 21, 2022, to January 4, 2023. CircleCI Response and Guidance On January 7, the company […]

ChatGPT: An Author Without Ethics

Controversial authors such as Orwell, Nabokov, Swift, and Rushdie, among many others, have shouldered substantial criticism over the years. Opposing prevailing opinion certainly isn’t a game for weaklings. But who should take the blame when a computer ticks people off? That’s one of the many questions that remains to be answered as ChatGPT enters the […]

How Industry Convergence Is Driving Competition & Innovation

Over the last several years, the unprecedented pace of industry convergence and disruption has created ripple effects across all industries, particularly technology. This disruption is largely the outcome of the evolution of key advancements in technology, as well as shifts in consumer behavior and expectations that were only accelerated by the emergence of the COVID-19 […]

5 Options for CIO Education

As we move deep into the fourth quarter of 2022 and look ahead to 2023, CIOs are planning budgets, authorizing continuing education for key staff members — and also planning their own. For CIOs, education must come in abbreviated timeframes. It must deliver on key issues where CIOs need insights and background. Some of these […]

5 Barriers of Digital Risk Assessment

Digital risks emanate from business dependence on technology. The more dependent a business is on digital transformation, the higher the exposure to the dark side of digital transformation. Even as companies and businesses try to assess digital risks, some barriers prove dominant for all. Here are five to consider: 1. Problem of quantifying risks Quantifying […]