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Noberus Amps Its Tactics: How IT Leaders Can Keep Up with Evolving Ransomware

The Threat Hunter Team with software company Symantec reported that Noberus, which also goes by the names BlackCat/ALPHV, is leveraging new tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). The ransomware-as-a-service BlackCat/ALPHV has compromised at least 60 different entities across the world using the programing language RUST, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Division report from […]

Quick Study: Emerging Fintech

The pioneers and early adopters of new technologies historically have predicted the demise of the legacy market leaders. While some old companies crumble in the face of new tech, the smart ones adapt and work emerging technology concepts into their business models. What you’re seeing in the financial sector today follows that pattern. Banks, lenders, […]

What Do US Restrictions of China Sales Mean for the AI Chip Industry?

The United States has introduced restrictions limiting technology company Nvidia Corp. and semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. sales of advanced AI chips to China. The restrictions are a tactical foreign policy and national security move to safeguard the US advantage in the race to develop artificial intelligence technology. How will this regulatory shift […]