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Network Monitoring Is Evolving: 4 Predictions on What’s Next

Network monitoring is the art of analyzing an IT network’s status and performance for optimal reliability. The tools and techniques I use have evolved over time to best support today’s vast ecosystems of modern hardware and virtualization technologies. Since the Internet’s inception, when the first Unix-based systems came together to form a network, there’s been […]

Noberus Amps Its Tactics: How IT Leaders Can Keep Up with Evolving Ransomware

The Threat Hunter Team with software company Symantec reported that Noberus, which also goes by the names BlackCat/ALPHV, is leveraging new tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). The ransomware-as-a-service BlackCat/ALPHV has compromised at least 60 different entities across the world using the programing language RUST, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Division report from […]