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Accelerating Digital Transformation: Turning Data into CX

When COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020, businesses rushed to transition to remote workforces, streamline workflows, make data accessible virtually, and in some cases, pivot to entirely new business models. The process of digital transformation, which typically could take years, was completed in record time. There’s been recent discussions that the pace of digital transformation […]

Why Companies Need a Chief Transformation Officer

More companies are investing in large-scale transformations as they reimagine their business for the future. This is more important than ever as digitalization continues to change the traditional competitive landscape presenting new opportunities to serve markets and meet evolving customer expectations while also revealing unexpected competitive threats and global challenges. While companies are increasingly engaged […]

Helping CIOs Close Skills Gaps Amid Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Technology has always been a driver of change in large financial services firms, but this has significantly accelerated in the last five years. The disruption of small innovative fintech firms, large tech companies like Amazon and Google providing new technology platforms and services, and heightened customer expectations as technology enables new digital interactions in all […]